28 de septiembre de 2023

50 thoughts on “Mueren 125 personas en estampida durante partido de fútbol en Indonesia

  1. This is very common in American college football. No stampede, but people rushing the fields. No one has been trampled or stumped to death yet, but the nonsense has got to stop or it will eventually happen. A recent game had 30,000 Plus people on the field, luckily no one was severely injured.

  2. You can't blame the fans, its the police. We seen pitch invasions happen all the time in Europe, nothing ever like this has happened

  3. Being an Indonesian and watching this, is shocking… Rest in peace to those who died in the soccer game.

    Terbang tinggilah ⚰️🕊️

  4. And this is why this sport is NOT the best in the world. Idiots fighting over nothingness. Notice they said ONE of the deadliest of all time. That's right. Didn't top the list! One football match saw over 300 dead. Completely ludicrous!


  6. in Indonesia…in football matches..the security guards in the stadium…are used to carrying tear gas..with the aim of dispelling the rioters in the stadium….the victims who got tear-gassed mostly had their faces blackened.. .effect of lack of oxygen and burning

  7. Người dân nước họ không biết nhận lỗi. Vẫn đang đổ lỗi cho cảnh sát. Đó là cách tôi hiểu rằng họ sẽ còn nhiều thảm kịch

  8. The fanatical fans were excessive, and caused a riot in the Malang stadium in Indonesia, such a huge rage caused the police to panic and shoot a lot of tear gas, this is the real cause of death… tear gas!!

  9. normal scene by indonesian supporter in any sport events. too much emotions without control. more like barbaric scene from Roman empire sport event

  10. 1:05 The cleanup after….ONE OF THE….deadliest soccer riots ever. You mean there's actually one with more deaths and injuries than this one?

  11. They are demanding to know who to blame for the deaths? Isn't that obvious? The idiot fans that rushed the field and started rioting over a freaking game. How pathetic. So many senseless deaths caused by so called fans of a football game. These people literally caused the death of children in their obsession to win.

  12. It started with some spectators taking to the field and then being followed by other spectators, some of the audience just wanted to take photos with their idol players but the situation was chaotic.
    As a result of the police firing tear gas, suddenly the situation was chaotic and the audience panicked.

  13. Basically Indonesia football scene is full of violent loving cults that becoming graveyard for its supporter not entertaiment for its supporter

    Even as Indonesian , i want the Fifa U-20 Cup to be relocated elsewhere but not Indonesia

  14. All parties are urged to really get close in observing this case – which has claimed many innocent lives, which in fact could have been deliberately done to divert public attention from the actual issue, a very huge criminal case, namely a criminal case committed by former high-ranking police officers: ferdi sambo, his wife and many other high-ranking police officers were involved.

  15. this is all because of bad indonesian police, they always attack the people. Indonesian police are very bad and unprofessional because of their actions and scandals

  16. Two parts to be blamed. First and the important one, is the fans who invaded the pitch field. Second is the security force, however on my side is defensible base on the situation.

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