28 de septiembre de 2023

30 thoughts on “Habilidades más humillantes

  1. The sad reality is almost all the players in this video ain't playing for his club now. 😔😓 we miss seeing dem play.😭

  2. As a kid I played in a team f like 4 years in midfield scored a few free kicks n penalties because obviously small keepers we was like 8-13 depending on the time but I always found stand tackling easy dk how I was only a small kid myself not skinny or nthn just not huge but when I started I just grasped the technique the fckn hip movements🤣🤣can't defend f shit now still train w a team n play occasionally (different team I'm 15 now) but this team is more simple like to play with possession n if we don't have it counter att n over the top balls n tha gameplay is built on disciplined passes

  3. Whenever I watch a highlight film of Messi, I have to watch it more than once to make sure I actually saw what I thought I saw.

  4. How is United have three of the players featured and we can't win a single trophy…..I don't question the recruiting, I want to know what goes on once these monsters get in the club and turn to mush.

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