28 de septiembre de 2023

28 thoughts on “Los estadios de fútbol más urbanistas de América del Norte: 10 ciudades que hacen bien el fútbol de asociación

  1. I think you need to include crime rate in your urban vs suburbs. Especially after saying DC gets a lot of things right, they have an extremely high crime rate.

  2. I was actually waiting for Austin FC's Q2 stadium to get a razzy. They're moving a light rail stop to be right next to the stadium.

  3. Here in the UK, football is intertwined into the fabric of UK culture, it represents the community. For decades it was the sport for the male working class (poorer people) however since Sky started promoting it from the 1990's it's become more and popular amongst women and girls and even become fashionable for the middle and upper classes to support a football team. Hence football has never been as popular in the UK eventho ticket prices are very expensive but for many supporting their team is like a religion. Traditional stadia are found in or near the city centres however almost all new stadia built from 1990 are on the outskirts of a city where land is cheap and there's plenty of parking spaces provided. Most new stadia have been bland economical indentikit designs. the best UK new stadium is probably the one at Tottenham Hotspur.

  4. Its a shame, that a lot of this American Stadions are a lot better then a lot new build german stadions.

    Yes, I am looking at you


    …a List of shame 😞

  5. You can't build a 50k seat football stadium in NYC. North American cities are different, because the countries were built different. Being an urbanist and point out how pretty Europe looks like 😍. Is not going to lead to Canada and America changing. Fundamentally comparing a country like Germany with Canada and America is impossible. The density is soo much greater, and the cost of the land is soo much lower.

  6. Union not playing in the sports complex in Philly makes no sense. Wanna make sure parking isn’t too bad once every ten years when all the other teams are home

  7. KC is rightfully always on the worst list because our sports complexes are disastrous BUT the KC Current Womens Soccer team is building a stadium downtown right on the waterfront that’s gonna be great so we’re making moves

  8. I think that in 10 years the unions stadium might be less dishonorable. At least chester is an actual city, and it's a hell of a Lott better than king of Prussia.

  9. None of them do it right, urbanist stadium designs are garbage and are the antithesis of what soccer stadiums were meant to be
    The same has been done to baseball stadiums

  10. Hmm, sorry, but Providence Park looks like a soccer stadium, not a big inflatable football stadium. It has the energy and vibe of a UK stadium in a completely urban setting. Yes, I am biased… in a sport like soccer, vibe is everything.

  11. Mercedez benz?- not only does the train station literally empty out right in front of the stadium, its surrounded by nothing but other stadiums/venues. any parking is UNDERground like cmon

  12. Man, I think soccer just isn’t our thing here. It’s a niche sport at best and the stadium is almost always just borrowed from the stadium of a more popular sport. We’re just not into “futbol” and nobody wants to pay taxes for a damn soccer stadium, especially in the middle of our cities.

  13. FYI Seattle’s stadium is purpose built to be a soccer stadium… while Portland’s stadium is a converted baseball stadium.

  14. No way Banc Of California inst #1. Iv been to BC place, its not as nice as the Banc, its super weird and empty outside. The Banc is right on bike lanes, the blue line, its grided, used by LAFC/Angel City FC/Concerts +more.

  15. The Revolution should get a lifetime achievement hall of shame place for being the last founding league member stuck in a cavern of a football stadium, away from their targeted fanbase, and with their current plan for escape hitching its star to an eye-sore casino that is woefully inaccessible from an urbanist point of view.

  16. Do a video for 2026 world cup stadiums. As someone coming from overseas for it would be good to see what the best stadiums for foreign fans would be

  17. as a newell's old boys "hincha" seeing you with that shirt makes me really happy and of all argentinian football club, it's one I would not expect someone outside of the country to wear it

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