28 de septiembre de 2023

36 thoughts on “¿La carrera por el título de la Premier League ya se ha reducido al Manchester City, al Arsenal? | Charla de fútbol profesional | nbc deportes

  1. Wait so arsenal r copying city lol city played beautiful football since pep while Arsenal are doing since god knows when 💀

  2. Arsenal are not the same size club as Man City? No, we are massively bigger. Not saying we’re going to win the league. I don’t think we will. Their team is better than ours. But that statement is idiotic.

  3. Guys we still have to play Liverpool who are still a force to recon with. As an Arsenal fan I am just happy we are competing consistently this season and the players seem to like playing with one another. It's a long season and I would not like to jump to conclusions or comparisons.

  4. The fact that Arsenal are even in these conversations shows how far this young team has come and if they keep their upward trajectory, who knows what they can achieve.

  5. we're not there yet, but our growth the last two seasons has been way faster and stronger than I expected. I'm happy with getting Top 4, and if we can keep it up, then maybe we go for 2nd or 3rd. but City is in a league of its own.

  6. Arsenal are 13 – 1 since starting pre-season and many would argue the better side in their lone loss.

    2 months ago: "Arsenal will challenge for Top 6"

    2 weeks ago: "Arsenal will challenge for Top 4"

    Today: "Can Arsenal Win the League"

  7. Its going to come down to the same stuff we say every year. How hard do City push for there first ever Champions League. Are they willing to jeopardize a tight Prem title race in order to win Champions League. And how do Arsenal Perform against to Big 6. As an arsenal fan i have seen so many times in history the arsenal was in the title race but we couldn't beat the other top 6 teams consistently which is what cost us the title.

  8. As an Arsenal fan, I just want top 4 for now. Anything more is a bonus. The fact that people are talking about a title charge only gets me excited with the thought of the champions league anthem back at the emirates next season.

  9. Should we dare to dream!? Gooners are up for a fight! The whole connection of squad to fans has totally changed! It’s loud! It’s one! The journey is united! Momentum is building! Confidence is high! This is a one off season! The dynamic will change because of the World Cup! Really can’t see spurs being top 4 right now! October will show where they are at in development! Can’t see the fans buying into that brand of play!

  10. These guys backing Spurs and Chelsea to still come good. 🤦‍♂️ Arsenal is the only hope to protect Premier League’s reputation

  11. Man City is a bigger club than Arsenal? Well that's what you get when you have Americans talking about football instead of eggball.

  12. Spurs are NOT comfortably 3rd in the league. They do not create enough chances and statistically when your XG is not high enough you cannot continue to overperform it. I do not care how world class Kane and Son are; for two years they have avoided significant injury and grossly outperformed XG. They could absolutely implode with some bad results…something that has happened with conte teams before.

  13. City a veteran club?? Lmao the only one who’s old is Gundo and he’s not close to being done. And Bellingham is coming next year. Good luck.

  14. Isn't it interesting how arsenal rarely seem to get appropriate praise?

    How have we skipped right over just "arsenal are playing well and should be a shoe in for top 4" to "arsenal should be competing with one of the most dominant football sides in history because they've played well for 8 games"?

    It just feels like a way to keep the conversation around us in a negative light "they can't compete with city, they're not good enough" I. E. still talking about our faults and iasues rather than our improvements and actually complimenting.

    We almost certainly won't win the league and not doing so won't be a disappointment. Neither will finishing 4th.

  15. Next time you have a conversation about Arsenal, don't invite a Spud to the conversation
    And FYI, Chelsea should've won, not Spurs

  16. Conte's spell at Chelsea is nothing similar to Spurs. At Chelsea he had 5 or 6 players who were one of if not the best in the league in their roles.
    Courtois, David Luiz, Azpilicueta, Kante, Fabregas, Hazard, Pedro, Willian, Costa. He doesn't have that at Spurs. For all the success Conte's had he's always done it with the best teams in the division. Took over Juventus when Milan were on the decline, had a superior squad to anyone else in Italy. Spent the most money at Inter at a time when Juve were going through a transition. Him overachieving is a myth.

  17. Degea has been the problem of Man U for 3 seasons running. If the coach can drop Degea for any other goalkeeper whatsoever, Man U has the players to compete.

  18. So many things wrong.. listen to this: An American Tottenham fan saying that Arsenal Football Club is not as big as Manchester City.. hahahaha This is laughable… Everything about that tells me that he started watching football probably 6 months ago.. SHUT UP!!

  19. Utilizing historical facts to predict the future has always a flawed analogy. This is why we often hear people saying the unexpected happened. When 9 out of 10 says, Manchester City will win the title this season, for sure they will not win it.

  20. I love how Arsenal slap Spurs and win the match YET!! it turns into a Spurs being the real deal convo… Wow! 🤣🤣🤣

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