9 de junio de 2023

24 thoughts on “¡El delantero MORTAL de 12 años es el FUTURO del fútbol de EE. UU.!

  1. The problem with american football (soccer for some) is that it is way too expensive. There could be a great talent with no money to afford playing, meanwhile there are kids with a lot of money but no real abbility, just personal coaches etc… That is why the US will have a hard time producing a real talent.

  2. The thing is this kids soccer career has prolly costed over 30k from all the things he does every day especially over in Europe and he’s only 12 . Some families can affford this others can’t .

  3. yes he’s good but he acts like he’s the best, and with that mentality you aren’t gonna get anywhere, know your limits before you say something

  4. Lets be honest, By the time this kid grows into an adult he’ll lose interest. Anyone can become 54 rated at 12 yrs old

  5. You can tell he doesn't really have the ambition to play, The way he is talking n shi and tbh it just looks like he plays because he has money :joy:

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