5 de diciembre de 2023

50 thoughts on “WC referee has responded to French media after Messi goal #futbol #soccer #shorts

  1. The video is mistaken. The French players invaded, but France didn't score…and it wasn't even Mbappe shooting.

  2. Bro what’s wrong with them coming in lmao they so far from every player what they gonna do save the shot from here 😅

  3. This ref was the best and most fair from the whole tournament, french fance dont know when to accept defeat, which is ironic since the frnech are know for surrendering💀

  4. Wtf do you mean at the time of scoring ? That video he showed was from one of the last chances from kolo muani and it obviously wasnt a goal

  5. Tell him to address the penalty he gave when Di Maria tripped over his own feet like a buffoon and then refused to check VAR.

  6. Must the French people win by all means. They reserve their energy jorh. Nonsense just accept defeat and rest

  7. and what about the hand pass of french player to mbappe when the referee gave the second penalty

  8. Never mess with him 😂😂. They played fair and square. Atleast they got equal at the last minute( well the referee wanted too) 😂😂. Anyway Argentina ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Nope. The 7 french players on the field in the video not at the time when Mbappe scored. In fact , it was a last minute failed attempt to score by another french player.

  10. TF u blind. That was not when mbape scored. It was when France nearly scored in the last minute. You clickbaiting shit

  11. Isn’t the french one from the last minute of the match?🤦‍♂️ Mbappe scored the goals before that. It was not even a goal in the first place to be disqualified. Reff was smoking pot

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