3 de octubre de 2023

41 thoughts on “Mozambique v España | Copa Mundial de Beach Soccer de la FIFA 2021 | Destacados del partido

  1. Figo on the beach is not worse than Figo on the field.
    Congratulations Spain.
    From Russia.

  2. Mozambique goal kepper Manuel is not capable of playing in big tournaments …. The shoukd brought another Goalkeeper …This one is the one who conceded many goals against Senegal it hurt that Albinero ussaca cant see that

  3. ซีดานอองรีรุดฟานนิสเตลรอย เครสโปราวาเนลลี่มูตูรุยคอสต้า dice:

    The most famous people of Mozambique is Eusebio

  4. Go Mozambique next time we will do it, Moz we On, Vamos Mocambique da proxima consiguimos, avante….+258

  5. Japan🇯🇵 Vs Brazil🇧🇷
    Japan🇯🇵 Vs Spain🇪🇸
    Japan🇯🇵 Vs Mexico🇲🇽
    (OLYMPIC TOKYO 2021)?

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