5 de diciembre de 2023

24 thoughts on “Argentina v. Francia, final de la Copa del Mundo 2022 junto con Pro Soccer Talk | nbc deportes

  1. Messi is the real .G. O. A. T. He deserves it he won his dream he did it I love you messi ❤
    Mbappe was close to win his dreams but he lost atleast he did so good


  2. Argentina Messi didn’t play with men because France had no BENZEMA (BALLON D’OR 2022), KANTE (ALL TIME FORWARD MIDFIELDER)& POGBA (GREAT CENTRAL PLAYER& STABILIZER) so stop pleasing this guys. Messi is among the best but not the way people kept shouting, it would had been a surprise if France won than Argentina. Congrats guys

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  4. Kudos to France 🇫🇷 for making it exciting, they clearly had chances to make Argentina goes on his knees. They clearly had more stamina and held on more to make Argentina think twice. Congratulations, that's the tension I wanted!

  5. Thanks to poor decisions by DesChamp:( taking Gihroud and Griezman out? Why??? It was Mbappé and who??? Ridiculous

  6. Keeping all respect to EMBAPPE. Hope Embappe will win next time. I am very happy to see Argentina as champion. Many many thanks to MESSI. The soul of Diago Maradona will be satisfied to see the win of Argentina. I am a fan of Diago Armando Maradona. Let Messi to enjoy the with the World Cup. Embappe don't upset, you are also a great player.

  7. The desire to win could not escape Argentina but the penalty that allowed France to score on a penalty kick then the tying goal got me so upset to make a penalty with the defense in front but desire to win was there but there was a couple of plays that I thought were dirty plays by France .

  8. Finally Messi goes out a champion and to the people of Argentina congratulations and I hope to see you again in 4 years I did not watch any of the games but this one I will see and my heart is with Argentina the passion f Messi to win will make it so but for Messi his journey is complete

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