28 de septiembre de 2023

22 thoughts on “Llámalo fútbol, ​​no fútbol

  1. Association foot ball assoc drop the a soc ad er to make it sound like a word soccer its kinda gay and European anyway

  2. I get angry because in football you use your foot for most of the game. The only time hands are allowed is when the goalie touches it or when the ball goes out of bounds. But in American Football you kick it like 2 times and then run with it.

  3. You can call it Soccer only if you're talking to americans. And they called it Soccer, because football players wore high socks

  4. I'm Brazilian and my people transformed football and we spell futebol the pronunciation is the same as in English and everyone in the world calls it by the same name except the USA we agree with the English who invented the sport and they will always be right! Americans don't know what the sport is called because they haven't learned it yet and don't understand how it's played!

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