28 de septiembre de 2023

7 thoughts on “Bastante raro, pero Lionel Messi no puede hablar #Lionel #messi #worldcup #football #soccer

  1. Fun fact: Messi doesnt have all the trophies, he doesnt have the euro
    Plz dont kill me in the replies its just a joke

  2. Why do people see him as a god. It's only the low IQ Argentina,s fans saying. "Vamos heha goad wien hihi kep cryin'
    Stop it. It's no wonder that
    His last word cup.
    End of his career
    Plays at a club owned by Qatar
    Made fouls alot but didn't get punished.

    It's obvious. My heart goes out to France but my brain clearly knows that corrupt argentina will win.

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