27 de septiembre de 2023

31 thoughts on “Laurtaro Martinez goal wasn’t actually offside against Saudi Arabia #soccer #football #shorts

  1. Let's hope they find another so Argentina WOULD have all wins in the world cup and the streak wouldn't be broken
    Thats for us
    But fifa would say fuck you and say that the streak was broken

  2. Well it doesn’t matter and thanks to game for making Argentina players to get more focus and now we’re the champions 💪🏽🌞

  3. Imo it doesn't matter, via var offsides like 2 centimeters should just slide and let the goal, because its to small of an offside to influence the goal.

  4. Omg wow, thank god it wasn't found 😂😂. Mistakes happen but this game was the golden game for us, it would be terrible if it was ruined

  5. It ended 2-2. That is super good. Argentina "Had" gotten 1 point from it which leads into Argentina "Having" 7 points topping the group like in the actual World Cup itself. Very intresting.

  6. His head is the reason he was offside! But you are right. The LB was keeping him onside. And since Argentina lost this game, they changed their game plan, which eventually lead to win the World Cup!

  7. anyway why does the shoulder matter its not like he's gonna score or have a advantage with his shoulder

  8. Idc about the goal, this lost made Argentina win the world cup. This motivated them and taught them a lesson not to underestimate your opponent.

  9. I think this VAR decision was the reason why Argentina won the World Cup. Something happened to them that made them become closer as a team and they went out for vengeance. Argentina is not Champion without Saudi Arabia.

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