3 de octubre de 2023

46 thoughts on “Claire thinks Football/Soccer is boring, until Luke!! | MODERN FAMILY | SEASON 05 | #sitcom #shorts

  1. Lol that’s like my parents growing up, they didn’t care about what I was doing unless I was already good at it

  2. football is fun when you are emotionally attached! people who find it boring are normally not that regular or maybe one or two times watched it but don't understand it that much!

  3. As a swimmer, I totally get where Claire is coming from. I even tell people that it’s not worth to come to swim meets bc you’ll be there for HOURS trapped usually in a very humid spot waiting around to see maybe a couple minutes of swimming that you care about. It’s hype on TV, but irl it is one of the most boring sports if you’re not on deck cheering

  4. Honestly, as a dad, getting my crap done early, seeing my kid tear it up, and having a drink is my perfect day. That’s my life now.

  5. The secret of being interested in any sport is having skin in the game, all sports are boring when you don't care.

  6. Me sign up taekwondo and became athlete, none of my parents like it and told me to quit.
    but my parents when I won gold medal and was invited to become national athlete they told everyone that they support me since the beginning

  7. I agree with Claire soccer/football is the most boring sport there is to watch. No wonder they scream when they make a goal because they make what 1 a game.

  8. same reaction with my niece… btw, just so you know, my niece.. my niece eats cereal with hotdogs… so.. you be the judge… one day.. my niece decided to compete in competitive chess.. remember, this is the same niece who eats cereal with hotdogs in it.. this niece of mine is a C- student. and to be a supportive Uncle, I taught her basic Chess and I was amaze how the frick he beat those 19year old chess nerds, btw my niece is currently 12 years old… and she won 3rd place out of 50 players.

  9. When I worked at McDonald’s back in the day every mom that came through the drive thru was honestly low key hammered

  10. Yeah Julie your mother of the year for sure you know how many mons have to be at those boring soccer tournaments?! Errands my butt you went to buy shoes and clothes!😂😂😂😂😂

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