4 de marzo de 2024

39 thoughts on “¿Es realmente fútbol o fútbol?

  1. So.. Who's gonna tell him that christopher columbus along with all the people that discovered America were from Europe

  2. Blud knows nothing about the world. Everyone plays it not just Europeans and only the rich American influenced Brits called it “soccer”. The problem is that you Americans call a sport played with hands “football” and you call the other “soccer”.

  3. Most irish people don't call it football mainly cuz we call gaelic football, football but it's always fun 2 see the English get vexed over it

  4. Omg! 🤯 bless you, I know you're just making content to educate people but this conversation about if it's soccer or football is so bloody annoying. Why are people so hell bent on being right about the terminology? Let's all enjoy the beautiful game for what is created for

  5. no, correction, Britain is Not "The Europeans" and they sure as hell didn't invent football. so maybe let's listen to the people who did invent football even if they don't speak English primarily

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