9 de junio de 2023

50 thoughts on “Liga de sueños de fútbol 2023 | Convierte a Noob en una cuenta Pro | DLS 23 oficial

  1. Thanks so much after 3 weeks i have pro account with benzema,salah,ederson,luis diaz,martinez and many more.thanks

  2. I don't know why people are no longer using their own team's name. Now every team you play against online is just Dream Team. 🙄🤣
    Did y'all scare to use your team names?

  3. how do you get this random legendary option and repeat buying it always , I completed academic divison and I dont have it

  4. You people have to understand that "PRO" isn't someone with legendary players , but someone who got unique squad with "blue" players mostly and mabye 1-2 legendary players , im playing dls since 2014 and im sick of playing with these full golden players teams, BE UNIQUE, MAKE SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

  5. I managed to get pro team in just 3 4 weeks with lowest player rating in my starting 11 being just 82 and maximum with 86 rating that too 3 or 4 86 rated players 😁
    Without spending

  6. Как улучшать стадион если монет то нет😂 рекламу нельзя посмотреть 😂 совет тупой и не настоящий

  7. I need to know my heal button not working after we played option comes of heal player by coin i am not talking about boost ..my button not working tell me how to fix it ..please

  8. In this video you have not told something's like…
    1. 1:52 You have to play same division 6 to 7 times so that you can earn around 10K coins so that you can upgrade your stadium 🏟️
    2. 2:17 Not in every match you get 200 coins after upgrading stadium, it depends on whether you are playing home or away game.

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