28 de septiembre de 2023

42 thoughts on “¡LOS 10 MEJORES TIROS DE TARJETAS DEPORTIVAS DE LA SEMANA! | EP 70 | ¿Se está apoderando el fútbol?

  1. Dang, you weren't kidding about the soccer takeover! But I have 3 non-soccer questions / responses; 1- Curry's Timeless Moments is really more than double Luka's?! 2- The Curry's Timeless is nearly double his 1/1 jersey auto from the same product, too? 3- I guess the Timeless Moments are extremely sought after. lol 4- Seems like Panini One & One is making a BIG splash in the hobby. Where would you rank the product???

    Thanks for great stuff as always my friend!

  2. Bro :O that Ronaldo card is retarded. I'm from Portugal and we only have a really small sports cards market. Only like Match Attaxx and some Panini collections. I didn't even knew Ronaldo had a signed card in a Panini collection. That's one of the greatest card related things I've seen. I understand Mbappé might have more value in the future, but the Ronaldo card is the one for me!

    Great video! Glad I stumbled on this!

  3. That mbappe gold prizm is for sure worth more than 5k. People going crazy over gold prizms, and especially in this case, when the set only come sout every 4 years. 10k+ for sure

  4. Barnes' cards are going down tremendously. he deserved ROY but he was always a guy to me that was basically most "NBA ready" with not that high a ceiling. now hes struggling

  5. Technically Striker Breaks by cases and cases of blasters and he opens a case of blasters at a time so it wasn't like he bought one blaster box and got lucky the guy buys so much product he's bound to hit a card eventually

  6. Great video! and I think the numbers are correct, but I would rather have the Cristiano Ronaldo card instead of Mappe's one hahaha

  7. 1/1……1/1……1/1……1/1…….1/1……..1/1……..1/1……..1/1……….hobby crash…….everyone left with cards they can’t sell, but hopefully will actually enjoy their cards instead of only seeing dollar signs on overhyped overproduced modern players in the hobby.

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