5 de diciembre de 2023

39 thoughts on “primer balón de fútbol

  1. The last fact is actually true they used to do that head ball thing millions of years ago and if your team lost the supporters get their head chopped off

  2. Fun Fact: When they invented soccer they used human head as the ball
    Me: That isn't fun 😮

  3. I thought you quit, you made a video saying it and deleted all your community post, so idk What To think anymore

  4. Time to break the chain of humility and say that this is actually a great video. A bunch of facts I didn't know before that I know now.

    This man needs a new comment section fr

  5. Technically, the soccer ball was first invented in ancient China and was used as a military sport. It was made of two pieces of leather stitched together and was filled with feathers. It’s called Cuju and it was extremely similar with soccer but instead of kicking it into the goal they kick it over a tall fence .

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