5 de diciembre de 2023

27 thoughts on “Vinicius Jr Red Card ha sido cancelada por La Liga 😳⚽️ #football #soccer #shorts

  1. oh my god why everyone saying gk is racist? he just defend his teammate vini kicked his teammate . u guys watch from highlights 100%

  2. #BanLaLiga You lower your standard as rasist league shame on spaniards. 👎 many in 🇺🇸 lost interest on spanish leage. Done Never seen in America south or north. Shame spain….

  3. I didn't watch the match so idk if it was diserved…but if the card was given for something in the match,why cancel it due to racism and not take action against it??

  4. This is so fucked the most youngest lw in la liga besides ansu is getting racism comments I think he should go to the premier league or he should just go to a small club in Saudi

  5. This is a proof that Madrid have bought La Liga. Vini literally hit an opponent in the face in a fight he himself started and then continue to do dumb stuff afterwards. if it was any other player he would have gotten 5+ ban

  6. Yes our Georgian player is in middle of very bad scandal sad (I’m about mamardashvili) but he still had a incredible game and why you show him when you mention hugo duro for people hugo duro is player who deserved red card but didn’t get it and GK is player named mamardashvili I don’t know why he showed him

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