9 de junio de 2023

20 thoughts on “Liverpool FC se pierde la clasificación de UCL y Manchester United 😳⚽️ #soccer #football #shorts

  1. My club United are back in UCL But massive respect to Ten Hag without him we could have been in Europa or Conference!!

  2. Bro decided to talk about Liverpool instead of talking about Newcastle who’ve just qualified for their first in nearly 20 years

  3. Controversial opinion but I think this Prem season has been one of the craziest ever. First off we have had a bunch of surprise stars such as rashford who stood out a lot at the end and mitoma. That’s just a few. Then we have Chelsea spending around 400mill and be in middle of the table. Man city facing charges. And arsenal bottling a almost clear lead. Then new castle is in third and Liverpool don’t even come top 4.

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