4 de marzo de 2024

46 thoughts on “Los futbolistas son flacos ASF 😂💀

  1. Lol bro, even CR7 was faster and more agile than many players in his prime; age now is the factor undermining his performance.

    Don’t play yourself like that. 🤦‍♂️

  2. Mario out here saying Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't have a good body for football despite the fact that CR7 has the 2nd most ballon d'ors in history and has scored more goals than anyone ever

  3. Thats not even how the average pro footballer looks like, he picked Sergio busquets because he is one of the skinniest. Mario just wants to make football players look bad.

  4. Or you just slowly add the mass as you keep your cardio routine the same and you will be just a larger version with the same cardiovascular capacity there are ways around this😂

  5. It’s almost as if training for different purposes yields you different results….. you mean people… are…. Different??

  6. Hey coach I have a question , if ronaldo's physique is bad for football then why is he literally one of the best out there and the fastest in his prime too? I'm not trying to act smart I just need a reasonable answer from u coach .

    P.S: ur video shows why leon Edwards is the most athletic man alive

  7. Please be consistant with titles and videos.

    Video: Football
    Title: Soccer

    It ain't that hard

  8. Bruh there is a reason why Ronaldo is also the greatest of all time. Messi is great too. But you are wrong man. Just wrong.

  9. Hey mario, what would you say is the best way to get abs? I have a fairly strong core and when i flex my abs they kind of show?. I reckon my BF % is maybe 15-17% or so? My obliques clearly show when i flex though.

  10. Don’t call it football like a zesty European 😂😂😭😭💀💀 it’s soccer bro 😂😂

  11. It’s not fair to call them skinny I think. They’re really talented athletes who have more than enough discipline to build a good muscular athletic physique but it’s not good for their sport.

  12. Its more about the position you play, goalkeepers and defenders have more muscle and midfielders and forwards are skinnier since they have to run more

  13. Its funny, I weight 160 at 5.10 and have a lean but not beefy physique, I was always quick and able to go for long, meanwhile people I played with who were heftier may have been skillful but they were benched often because of fatigue. This guys speaks facts

  14. Bro said Ronaldo’s physique is bad for football 💀, stick to the body builder side buddy 🤡🤡🤡🤡

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