3 de octubre de 2023

32 thoughts on “El Torneo de Fútbol DESTACADOS EXTENDIDOS: Mujeres de EE. UU. vs. Wrexham | nbc deportes

  1. I say Something and try to don't laugh , Rapinoe want Equal pay
    ( As Messi/ronaldo Pay ) 🤡🤡🤡

  2. The woman Goalkeeper wasn't great ! If I be A Goalkeeper and You Shoot 1000 Balls on my Goal i can save a lot of those balls Either , Come on , this is your first time seeing a one-side football ? In one-side footballs The Goalkeeper of the looser team is Always the best player of that team

  3. This is a great experiences for Womens to elevated their soccer levels.😊😊😊 I did liked. Women team's can play precise passes, without mistaken ; and they will have a better chance to win. 🤩🤩🤩

  4. This isn't going to be great for the equal pay arguments. I'm progressive and pro-women's sports. I love our uswnt. But the differences between the men and women are undeniable. Who thought this was a good idea?

  5. Who in the world said "this'll show the world that there's not much of a difference between men and women's sports!"? Like… really? Was this some sort of charity tournament? Wouldn't it be better to just shuffle players into co-ed styled squads and just give them colors as teams or whatever? I mean come on. Does Wrexham have an academy? I mean come on… the U-14/U-15 men's teams for Manchester United or Chelsea, and so on would have ended smacking the ladies teams 8-0 or worse too.

  6. What was tue point of having these matches i love both men and womens soccer though i love mens soccer more to be honest but this does nothing for anyone. Theres a reason why soccer is segregated by gender in offical matches. This is pointless and just embarrasses the womens team and makes no sense 🙄 dumb game .

  7. This is actually hilarious to watch. Feminists here’s your proof. Props to the keeper though lmao

  8. There's a reason this was 20 minutes a half, 12 goal limit, fair play to the keeper but I hope these mad feminists watch this

  9. Women sports teams need to keep doing this. Yes you will get a walloping at the beginning and it will be very humbling. But this is how you close the gap.

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