3 de octubre de 2023

30 thoughts on “10 transferencias de choque que realmente podrían suceder este verano

  1. If kimmich leaves Bayern, C Laimer will replace him. Rice is coming to Anfield with Serj Milinkovic Savic.😂😅

  2. Rice is unlikely to leave England. He wants to stay at England and Newcastle and Arsenal are most likely to sign him

  3. Vini Jr said that he was not going to leave, and even if the rumor about PSG was true it would be just another stupid move by PSG, the whole problem with Neymar is because Mbappe wants to play on the left, and Vini does that exact same thing.

  4. Neymar at man city would be beautiful. Could very well win ballon dor if he were to stay healthy

  5. What is your agenda dude?! Why do you want Vini to leave Real Madrid this badly???! You already made 2 videos on that topic, so give it a rest. Will ya?! Jezzzz

  6. neymar transfer has really inflated prices, back in 2013 Gareth Bale was worth £85 million and Ronaldo in 2009 was worth £80 million after the neymar transfer now Declan Rice is worth £100 million if rice is £100 million then mbappe has to be worth £500 million

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