3 de octubre de 2023

29 thoughts on “Saddest Weekend In Football History 💔⚽️ #soccer #football #shorts

  1. I’m kinda hyped for benzema and Messi and Ramos cuz goin to Saudi as a Saudi citizen cuz I will get to actually watch them play which I really wanted to and also yes it is sad they won’t be as big as they used to. Be and win big prizes like champions league uel but I do know that they will still be goats so I’m unbothered and ay let’s be real most of them don’t want to be in the club for example Messi and Ramos and karim benzema is getting the biggest contract in football history my guy won’t have to step one foot in the pitch no more unless he felt bored and wanted to play he obviously will but I’m basically saying they all good and that’s honestly what matters since to be real they gonna retire after the next World Cup or maybe before it

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