3 de octubre de 2023

47 thoughts on “El equipo de fútbol femenino de EE. UU. PIERDE 24: 1 contra el equipo masculino para demostrar un punto.

  1. I think the US Women are great… against other female teams. It's okay to accept the differences between the sexes.
    Maybe with some sports, the playing field is more even; curling, fishing, darts, bowling, etc. But sports that require speed, strength, and aggressiveness… those will usually favor men.

  2. Ana Asparagus Moment in Women's Soccer Team: "GIVE ME THE MONEY! YOU, GIVE ME THE MONEY! GIVE ME THE MONEEEYYY!"

  3. Why would you even play a game to make a point? For any rational human being, there is no confusion in this regard and how God created his children.

  4. When I was in my late teens early 20s I could run a consistent 21.5 second 220 (a 220 is about 45 inches farther than a 200) which would make my 200 time anywhere from 20.5 seconds to 20.75. The fastest women's 200 ever was once again Flo Jo at 21.34. Here is the thing I only ran track for 1/2 a season in high school and never trained to be a sprinter and I just use to run sprints and run steps and hills for exercise because I hated, and still do, jogging around a track. My point I was just an average male that got into exercising and used sprinting as part of that exercise routine and never really had in formal track and field training and I would have easily beat the fastest woman of all time in that event. Now I admit she would beat me in the 100.

  5. For anyone not in the know about Wrexham, they were recently promoted to the English Football League 2, which is the fourth highest professional football league in England. Think about how much of a stomping teams like Arsenal and Man City would have given the US Women.

  6. As Serena Wiliams once said… "You can take ANY man ranked in the top 200, and they will beat me 6-0, 6-0"

  7. The US women are a complete laughing stock. The irony is that their antics are actually HURTING the sport. Anybody with any sense would be turned off by this bs.

  8. You see guys, right now in this postmodernistic nonsens We live in they try to convince ppl that there is no physical diffrence between man and woman, there is only cultural conditions that made it so. Women were told for centuries to be calm, weak, fregile and submissive.😂😂😂

  9. The Bottomline Here Is? EVOLUTION, DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS".. 😲😲😲😲😲 And? With Each Generation Being Born Healthier, With Fewer Diseases To Worry About? It's Only Going To Improve The Males Performance In Sports And Other Physical Abilities To Perform Physical Tasks.. So? Women Can Stop Blaming Men For Their Rightful Place In Evolution.. IT WILL NOT CHANGE… 😎😎😎😎😎 Yep…

  10. Women need to have men identifying as women on their teams. In the end, it will be men against men identifying as women.

  11. ① what was the ticket sales and audience viewer ratings for the games with women against those men
    ② what would happen if trans were mixed and based not on gender but weight class
    ③ why did this video need to be so long and did the trans commentary even need to be mentioned

  12. The US women's soccer team needs a scrimmage against the US Men's soccer team. The only thing that they would beat the men's team at is play for the largest crowed in the team's history. I bet throughout the game the women's team would have ball control for less than 10 minutes, let alone to have a legitimate shot on goal.

    Only a match against the Men's team will their self inflated egos finally be busted.

  13. The men's and women's games are just two different games. It's an apples to oranges comparison, as shown by the scores. The women really should just be thankful for opportunities they have. I used to love to watch the women play. They were role models. Now I won't even turn them on. They are WAY out in left field. Play the game, grow your sport, and then there will be abundance for everyone. The public is sick of hearing their whining about everything.

  14. As a Republican and a former college soccer player and high level boys traveling soccer coach, I’m not a Don Lemon fan, however he is 100% correct. The men’s game is absolutely far more skillful and exciting than the women’s game and the women will never be on par as a revenue generating sport! They should be compensated based on the revenue it brings in. Also the lady commentator next to Lemon said, “if they are blocked in so many ways and not invested in as much”. What the heck does that mean? It has nothing to do with the product on the field!

  15. Hoping this doesn’t result n ruffling sensitive hearts and minds. As I do feel women should get paid much more compared 2 what men r making, and more state of the art equipment, weights, facilities. Women should get paid a lil more but don’t compare 2 men’s competitions. Without women’s soccer USA World Cup teams would be non existent. Women’s national team is killing it. Great job ladies. But they got clobbered here. This shows the difference between men and women altogether. Women shouldn’t desire 2b compared 2 men bcuz women r uniquely made with their own strengths and weaknesses.

  16. Feminism is the worst thing ever to happen to females and now with real females being replaced by men. Bye bye women's rights. Little by little.

  17. Easy to solve this problem. Sport is run as a business in the USA. You bring in more viewers and money, and you get paid more.

  18. the women's World Cup brought in less than 2.5% of the Men's World Cup…How Much do they deserve? SMH

  19. Unfortunately i think your viewers know this. It's the people watching the news and stuff hearing otherwise.

  20. You're first mistake was using logic. 2nd was not calling them all stunning and brave. One more strike and thats a cancel…watch out….😂😂😂😂😂

  21. I say it's more of a matter of these women trying to teach other girls and women to hate all men, but I could be wrong!!

  22. just give them all the money they demand and they will bankrupt their own organization and it will be over sooner rather then later, you just give everything to the wokies and the will just eat themselves fact.

  23. Same with the WNBA! The only difference is that the WNBA deals and accepts reality and the other is based on wishful fantasy!

  24. Same with the WNBA! The only difference is that the WNBA deals and accepts reality and the other is based on wishful fantasy!

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