3 de octubre de 2023

38 thoughts on “5 razones por las que Leo Messi eligió Inter Miami

  1. He close to Argentina Home to South America and families great choice MLS becoming big now ⭐👌🏾💯

  2. MLS mostly attracts the retirees. Why? because soccer will not become a major sporting event in the US. Messi will fizzle out like Beckham. Why? Messi doesn't even communicate good in English. And as soon as he mentioned that the reason was to spend more time with family; that's the sign that his passion for the game is depleted.

  3. this is the end of MLS…
    Beckham is so win-greedy that he will bring 4 former Barca players with multiples of silverware to Miami to just slaughter the league, raise rates, payscales and prices, and put pro soccer out of reach.
    Congrats David Beckham.
    Guess I'll start watching bassmasters.

  4. He took the right decision as a responsible family man he doesn’t want to go to Saudi Arabia and people following him and his wife and kids everywhere.

  5. Messi just pre ordered copa america games, so he can get the early access to the fields. Smart move my GOAT 😎

  6. just a heads up everyone this is a good deal because barca may get messi on a loan to barca for one more season. will see tho

  7. He saw how Ronaldo was constantly chanted in Saudi league with "Messi Messi" he didn't want to get chanted "Ronaldo Ronaldo" at every game.He was mercilessly chanted against after the first game loss in the world cup. Even the PSG fans booed him for winning the world cup. So he made a genius move to avoid further nonsense. And that includes the Argentine league as well. Rosario Central ultras spray painted threatening messages on his aunt's supermarket.

  8. Dude has completed football at 36. He can do whatever he wants now. The haters will say anything to take a dig. But that's just how it is. Atheletes will take a step back when the time comes, either for fame, business, family, money or anything. Haters can't leave it at that. Happy for him ❤

  9. I know it makes sense for Messi both personally and professionally. However, I feel gutted! He's still at the top of his game and he was so unhappy with PSG and Paris. Who wouldn't be! PSG is a cesspit and Barcelona were just stringing him along!! There was no way they were going to be able to offer him a contract. The most financially incompetent club you can find! He had offers from Chelsea, Newcastle and Inter Milan but his heart is only with Barca and their fans. I just so wanted Messi to stay in Europe for a year or so and have one last shot at the Champions League before going to Miami. Oh well, I'll eventually get over it. I just need time to grieve.

  10. Although its sad to see him go, i want messi to have a good life without the toxic Psg fans. Maybe Inter Miami will appreciate him more than Psg did

  11. Soccer in America is really kicking off big time and Messi is in the right place at the right time. I see this as a catalyst where other big name footballers will follow suit. Soon, America will be up there as a viable option for players in their prime to go and play professionally. It might take a few years but it will happen – it has to.

  12. We Barcelona fans are now Miami fans too.. wish him the best for him and his family God bless this man..

  13. Very smart decision. Part of me wanted him to stay in Europe for another year or so but for what? The club politics are exhausting and he’s won everything there is to win. He doesn’t have anything to prove and this is a good move for his family and will be great for the MLS. Win, win I say .

  14. Messi entra para a história nāo somente por ser um dos maiores jogadores de todos os tempos, mas por ser um homem de carater, que respeita sua familia acima de tudo um exemplo de atleta, é um orgulho saber que um homem desse nasceu na sofrida America do Sul, parabéns a esse argentino de carater, que Deus abençoe Messi, por mostrar a todos que dinheiro nāo é tudo…

  15. How is the title gonna say 5 reasons but the video says 7 reasons but still list 5 reasons lol 😂

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