3 de octubre de 2023

21 thoughts on “El efecto Messi es real 😮 #messi #intermiami #soccer

  1. It is high-time that the Americans realise that football is indeed the greatest and most popular sport in the world. Oh, btw it is football, not soccer!

  2. This is dangerous trust me a Miami fan will go to good seats at a football game not a soccer game with one good player

  3. He has blessed this country with this move. Americans will truly realize the impact he has on the sport after his debut game and will embrace the beautiful sport more.

  4. That mural of him been there for 4 years am counting yo are late to the party I would know bc it’s in lil Haiti

  5. i’m glad i been here from the bottoms so i don’t gotta feel like a bandwagon cause f*** did we stink

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