3 de octubre de 2023

28 thoughts on “Poland Are In Serious Trouble 🇵🇱

  1. man, Polish football has been in trouble for 40 years and has had no real success for 40 years and is the biggest joke of all sports in Poland so dont make jokes about some troubles which exist form 40 years

  2. I think Poland's biggest problem is they are now obsessed with the way of Portugal rather than being themselves. In just a few recent years, they have already hired two Portuguese managers, all produced no result for them.

    The first is a delusional former defender that tried to implement attacking strategy. This proved to be disastrous for Poland as they crashed out of Euro 2020. The second is an ultraconservative tactician who succeeded with Greece and Portugal but failed with Poland.

    That obsession with Portugal killed them. They had to change. Instead of being Portugal, why not try being themselves?

  3. If Moldova somehow qualify, I'll support them to the very end. They play with so muvh heart, they deserve it. Poles would only embarrass themselves further in Germany, except Szczęsny not one player on this team even looks like a professional while on international break, Lewy included (just look at their performance against sales agents and construction workers from Faroe Islands)

  4. This is the same team that had a big blow-up about World Cup bonuses when the tournament was still going on. Can tell where their priorities are at.

  5. Poland should try get julian Neinglsman he probably won't take it but, it's worth a try to get a brilliant manager

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