4 de marzo de 2024

37 thoughts on “Neymar Went CRAZY Against Messi! (Soccer 1on1's for $5000)

  1. Academies teams have done so much damage to soccer cuz everyone wanna play simple now days, like damm can y’all do some dribbles everything is change of pace and shoot.

  2. Top ballers have got some serious heat out in the UK! A crossover tourney US V UK w the top talents of each respected country would be insane 👀

  3. There should be cross over episode where top baller brings their best players and go against them in a showdown now that i would watch!

  4. this series has some serious potential to reach a wider community and insanely blowoff thru the roof. football aka soccer is the most watched sport for a reason. keep going at it DEE ur going places w this. word of advice: do this comp outside America maybe south american places or Europe and see the comp+views blow off the content will go CRAZY

  5. The fact that I don’t really watch football and I started to watch because of these videos is so cool to me now that he added soccer videos 🔥

  6. I'm sorry, but this shit just doesn't compare to the football 1 on 1's….no shit talk, hardly any excitement. Idk, imo it's just kind of…..eh

  7. Its nice dee put on football on his channel (yeah its called football dont come at me with soccer), but have to say that most of them have no good technique to do a 1v1 on that litte amount of space. Take a guy their whos playing futsal, and got some great technique and skill level and his gonna put on a show.

    The european footballers cant be topped in that.

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