5 de diciembre de 2023

29 thoughts on “Messi's vision ..🤬👀 #football #soccer #shorts

  1. Messi always does this to check if any opponents coming , it is cool as he turns his head both left and right just like how our parents told us whenever we're crossing road. 😂

  2. A good football players know exactly what to do before they even get the ball, orienting yourself like messi does here for 90 minutes is extremely difficult

  3. Van Gaal: Messi won 2022 World Cup because he has Artificial Intelligence Chip in his brain and controlled by NASA and CIA 🤣🤣

  4. Alien cannot be comparable with humans. Humans are Mbappe , Christiano Ronaldo or any player etc etc etc.. We won't be able to see any player in the future like Messi

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