5 de diciembre de 2023

50 thoughts on “El escándalo de los abusos que sacude al fútbol femenino estadounidense | Noticias DW

  1. US Womens soccer has become a cesspool of humanity; management abuse, wokeness, political extremism, intolerant and abusive behavior by the likes of Pino towards any player who disagrees with her lesbian gang's extreme views, etc. Let real transgender women take over now!

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  3. “I can’t believe we have to provide evidence, and that there needs to be investigations. Why can’t accusation be enough? Or insinuation? Or whispered rumors?”

  4. well i sure hope nobody looks at what gets said at male soccer and rugby games. Guess the sympathy for that is a little less huh.

  5. Boo hoo poor me! I want to be successful and have loads of money without having to experience anything negative or confrontational…imagine if the MEN who fought and died throughout the majors wars in history had the same pathetic self pitying attitude.

  6. " Speaking their truth " is the language Meghan Markle uses to mean 'my version of events' which turned out to be utter lies. In men's football, the manager yells in your face and might even hit you with a football boot. So what actually went on here? Hurt feelings or actual real abuse? A news report which talks a lot but said nothing in the end.

  7. If you as an adult feel a workplace it mistreating you or other, then either quite, sue or go to a union. Friggin adult crybabies, we all have bad experiences regarding jobs and ahole managers.

  8. Don't be a male trainer for women, in any sport. This is where it will always end up, whether true or false.

  9. I find woman soccer players to be overly dramatic entitled nit wits. I’m sorry but that’s just what I see.

  10. “People failed to protect us” – ye like every employee everywhere should just wait to saved from abuse in workplace. Talk about self entitlement

  11. There's an unhealthy culture towards women in American profession sports. Jee, this is news to me!!!

    This is sarcasm for anyone unsure. I am american and this is not surprising but im very sad to learn the scale of the abuse.

  12. As soon as I hear the pay was substandard I knew this was BS. They choose their contract and choose a different more secure payment plan that pays regardless of success and then once the succeed they complain that they were cheated. It doesn't work that way. The men's teams reap the best pay only if they win big. The women get pay and benefits regardless of performance.

  13. What is the actual abuse and misconduct? Are we talking about raising your voice or forced rape?
    Doesn't sound like much is shaking as promised the headline

  14. Claims of “verbal and emotional abuse” in a top level league probably means you should go to the minors.
    The sexual abuse allegations on the other hand must be dealt with fiercely.

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