4 de marzo de 2024

10 thoughts on “Martindale sería ideal Rangers No2 – Alan Rough

  1. 54:00 Talking as if Qatar never asked for the World Cup. They literally paid for it, it's been documented on video and corroborated by witnesses involved in every step of the process.

  2. Celtic are to good for Rangers whoever gets the job at Govan has a lot of work to do .
    The title is ours No probs.

  3. Celtic had a great season last year but still achieved 9 points less than Rangers 55 season. Celtic had a meltdown for ten in a row but Rangers stats were remarkable.

  4. Rangers need Steve Bruce. Classic old style football and he knows how to win against teams. Perfectly suited to SPFL. Affordable too.

  5. Rangers only won 55 because Celtic imploded!!!

    Shut up Peter they won it by being a far better team than Celtic.
    Can feel your Seethe and bitterness.

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