9 de junio de 2023

33 thoughts on “DLS 23 Primer vistazo | Dream League Soccer 2023 Nuevas características increíbles 😍

  1. Can someone help with dls 23 it works fine only when I want to enter the game it spins and the whole game shuts down and so I have to enter three times to enter the game, please someone answer me how to solve it.

  2. I still got all my players from the last game. How do i make a seccond acount?

  3. Have you guys noticed the error in every defense? This new version DLS23 is sweet & good but Once you are being attacked, if your opponent gives an up through pass, your defenders become somehow inactive (they don’t chase the ball allowing only the striker to go and score) this causes one to conceive alot, it happens to your opponents defense too, every defense …. This is a big error in this game they made and it’s soo annoying

  4. One of the best update from ftg The players is appreciable and the way header scoring action is almost lit 🔥🔥 and the free kick shooting is also improved a lot 🔥💙

  5. Can someone help me my dls 23 is not opening i first updated not opened after i delete and reinstall still not opening pls help me 🙏

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